Modernizr 2.6.2 released

Summer is over, back to work! We’ve released Modernizr 2.6.2 with a number of new detects, bug fixes, and test improvements for your modern development needs.

Some notable fixes include:

  • Fix for a hilarious edge case in Safari where if you set your body or html element to overflow-y: scroll and apply styles to the webkit-scrollbars (see demo), the browser spontaneously refreshes
  • HTML5 Shiv got a fix for better compatibility with jPlayer
  • Generated Content false-positive fix for IE7
  • Fix for our download builder and turning off css classes
  • Better Travis CI output for unit tests using grunt
  • All incoming pull requests are tested against our test suite with Travis CI


We’ve also added some new detects:

  • Content Security Policy
  • CSS's object-fit
  • position: sticky;
  • @supports : CSS's new native feature detection
  • viewport unit tests: vhunit, vmaxunit, vminunit, vwunit
  • input[form] attribute
  • new iframe attributes: sandbox, seamless, srcdoc
  • PointerLock API

Test improvements

And lastly, there have been updates to these tests:

  • background-size: cover
  • css filters
  • css subpixelfont
  • elem-track - reflecting partial support by IE10
  • gamepad api

For more details on the exact code changes of this release, see the full changelog on GitHub.

We thank our great dev community who have contributed much of the work for this update. Thanks to their moms and dads, too.