2009 is a wrap

Since we launched with the first public release of Modernizr on July 1st of last year, we have seen some exciting things happen. The library itself has gone from a humble 0.9 beta to a rock solid 1.1 release, almost doubling the amount of features detected whilst maintaining a small codebase and a lean, fast execution of the script.

These developments have not gone unnoticed: searching the Web for "Modernizr" in June of last year produced only a couple dozen results, all from people misspelling "modernizer"; today, there are over 56,000 pages on the Web talking about it. Mark Pilgrim's upcoming book, Dive Into HTML5, discusses Modernizr in great depth, and the CSS Cookbook, 3rd Edition features it as well.

The Modernizr.com website itself didn't sit still either; we welcomed well over 90,000 visitors, expanded with Documentation and News areas, endured two Google AppEngine downtimes and got some great feedback on how to better present and explain Modernizr to new visitors.

Of those 90K+ visitors, we have some interesting browser statistics to share with you:

Faruk Ateş and Paul Irish