This holiday season, give the gift of progressive enhancement with Modernizr 1.1!

We’re delighted to bring you Modernizr 1.1, a handy upgrade to the increasingly popular HTML5 and CSS3 detection toolkit. Now that Modernizr is on GitHub we’re seeing contributions come in for additional features from many different people. We want to express special thanks to Remy Sharp, Mike Taylor, Jan Lehnardt, Fearphage and Ms2ger for their work pushing Modernizr forward. 

All of us who work on and contribute to Modernizr feel that it is the best way to start taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 in your websites today, which is why this new release covers even more ground of both specifications. We’re heading towards supporting absolutely everything from the next generation of web technologies that is being implemented by any of the major browsers today, so that you as a developer know what you can and can’t expect from your visitors’ browser.

New in this release is detection for:

— Team Modernizr