Modernizr 1.5: new features, unit tests added

We're proud and pleased to announce the immediate release of Modernizr 1.5!

Rather than an incremental upgrade, we've opted to shift into a higher gear and add the full shebang of what we've been working on. Here's a list of new things we detect:

We have many more features we'd like to include; please visit the GitHub issue tracker to review all the additional tests.

For developers, contributors and people looking to learn from Modernizr we now have a set of unit tests available on the GitHub repository, courtesy of Paul. These help prevent errors and inconsistencies from finding their way into the source code, making Modernizr more robust and reliable. The unit tests also include a second part, which pulls the data tables in from Find Me By IP and creates a feature parity overview for all the browsers.

Along with the 1.5 release comes a license upgrade: Modernizr is now dual-licensed under BSD and MIT.

Thanks for all the input and code to miketaylr, fearphage, kangax, richbradshaw, @itpastorn, @jon_neal, dshaw, itrelease, mathiasbynens, airportyh, jeffsmith, rjcoelho, lucideer, peol and mislav. The high quality of this release wouldn't be possible with input from experts like these.

We hope you enjoy the hard work we've all put into it, but we'd love to hear your feedback on Modernizr 1.5's new changes, so let us know via Twitter what you think!