Modernizr 3: A new release and website

After what appears an eternity to us and the wider development community we are ecstatic to announce the release of Modernizr 3.0! This is a massive release and from our last release almost 2.5 years have passed - an unacceptable timeline. We plan to fix this and have faster releases where it makes sense.

What's new and exciting?

A lot! We restructured how we write our detects. we no longer have the concept of core tests, and we redesigned and built the site from the ground up to give the website a refresh as well as make the builder a whole lot more powerful for beginners and advanced users. From just creating a simple build to grabbing a config, to implementing in your build process, through to a really cool solution of dynamically creating a custom package that can be installed via bower.

Along with this internal restructure, we’ve added over 100 new detects by the community!

Modernizr changes:

The internal structure of Modernizr has been completely revamped, making it easier to contribute to and easier to customize/extend Modernizr’s licensing has changed: we’ve moved from a BSD license to MIT. (#679)



The website

We started out revamping the builder to make it easier to find the detects you needed and evolved into a complete revamp of the website.

Some things to point out:


Of course we can't thank the community enough for their massive contributions to Modernizr 3.0 all 86 of them!

AlbertoElias, BYK, DannyJoris, MoOx, NikV, RReverser, Rowno, SimenB, SlexAxton, TalAter, Wilto, Yomguithereal, alrra, anenviousguest, aroben, atdt, ausi, bportnoy, brendankenny, burnersk, cagerton, calweb, candrews, chrisjlee, danbeam, darcyclarke, dbow, ddprrt, devongovett, devote, dmethvin, doctyper, drublic, edmellum, emilchristensen, fgnass, filaraujo, frederfred, frob, gaearon, garrypolley, genintho, grayghostvisuals, hzoo, jacobrossi, janroures, javiercejudo, jmartin84, jokeyrhyme, jon301, jonathanong, jongrover, jtangelder, kkirsche, komachi, kristerkari, lbesson, mathiasbynens, mikach, mrkiffie, nok, patrickkettner, paulirish, robocoder, robwierzbowski, rose, rrrene, rxaviers, ryanseddon, silverwind, slavanga, ssidorchick, steveyken, stucox, svinkle, swaydeng, teebot, thanpolas, tnajdek, tomgco, triblondon, vlajos, wilddeer, zachleat, zeno, zhorvath

A few worthy call outs, Patrick Kettner who came in and contributed an enormous amount of effort and work to get 3.0 to the state it is, without him we wouldn't of got to this release. Stu Cox who also came onto the scene and contributed a huge amount of work and Joe Critchley who took on updating the look and feel of the our new shiny website.