Modernizr, meet GitHub

When Modernizr was originally released in July, requests came in right away for seeing it hosted on code repositories like Google Code or GitHub. The promise at the time was: "once it goes 1.0".

We had only one real reason for not doing so right away: the choice of which public repository service to use. At the time, Modernizr's code base was created and managed pretty much solely by myself, and my experience with these repositories was pretty limited. I didn't want to commit to one only to realize halfway through the next release that I preferred another.

Well, Modernizr has since gone 1.0 and not only that, but the project has a new code lieutenant. Paul Irish will take on the role of governing Modernizr's codebase, with me taking a slightly more backseat spot in overseeing the general direction of the project. In other words, I'll play a more directorial role whilst Paul will deal with the specifics of the library's codebase.

Paul's skill and talent is already widely recognized and we feel he is a great fit for the role of code lieutenant for Modernizr.

His first assignment was to choose a code repository he felt most appropriate for Modernizr. We discussed the various pros and cons with regards to our needs (codebase, feedback, support tickets and so on) and what each service provides, and the choice has settled on: GitHub.

In the coming days, Modernizr will start living on GitHub and the site will be updated to direct visitors there instead. Once there, everyone will be able to contribute to and work on Modernizr directly, making the library even better. Meanwhile, please welcome Paul as formal code lieutenant.