Small October Updates

A couple of quick update for you today. First, Modernizr is featured heavily in Mark Pilgrim's upcoming Dive Into HTML5, which is being written and published online and will be available in book form upon completion. To get such prominent placement in one of Pilgrim's books is an honor, to say the least, but it especially strengthens our belief that progressive feature detection—which is what Modernizr does—is the best approach to web development today.

Second, we've added a site to the gallery: uses Modernizr to tell you more than just your IP; it tells you what your browser is capable of. It's a beautiful design and we're excited to see Modernizr being used on it.

Lastly, there has been some feedback that the front page of Modernizr doesn't convey the value, purpose and benefits of the toolkit very well. These concerns have been taken into consideration and work is underway to change that. We definitely acknowledge that the real value of Modernizr isn't directly apparent, so we're planning to fix that. More on that hopefully soon.